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 Special Features                                    

Some very basic but special features are included with your web design - standard.  In addition, customized script instructions can enhance your site for visibility and navigation.  Below are just a few examples.  For a more detailed list of special features and scripts offered, contact DTE Web Designs today.

Special Features optionally included in your standard package provide your visitor navigation tools to find exactly what they need to know, fast:

Special Features Menu - A site menu by subject not only tells your visitor what's in your site but how to easily find it. Navigation within your site is important to keep the visitors that found you, on your site. Our menu placement options blend in with any web design.
Special Features Site search - Help visitors find what they're looking for quickly! Usually a good idea to provide the visitor a chance to find a topic easily. The more extensive the site, the more assistance the Site search feature provides.

Special Features

Site map - There are two types of Site maps, one is internal to your site and the other is used by web crawlers such as Google®. Your internal site map is one more method your visitor can find what they need, optionally sorting your site alphabetically or by navagation structure .  (More on the Google site map later.)
Special Features Breadcrumb trail - No matter what method they used to get where they needed to go, where are they now? That questions is easily answered by including a Breadcrumb trail showing the direct links to the page displayed and how to get back.  (Just like Hansel and Gretel.)
Special Features Form submissions - Forms allow you to connect direct with your visitor.  Choose from our many different styles, colors, and content with free-form user entry, selection fields, or check boxes.
Special Features E-mail cloaker - to keep Spam Bots from finding and using your contact e-mails for spamming e-mail messages.
Special Features Redirect pages - Up to 15 redirect pages for links/pages already established on the internet are included in our standard package.  Redirect pages are very important if the page name changed or a page once published is no longer valid.

You can also add some specialized scripts to promote your products and enhance the ease of use for your visitors at no additional cost.  Choose such great features as:

Pop-ups, sticky notes, etc. - Add extra visual attention to important information or messages to your visitor with a Pop-up or electronic 'sticky note.'
Banners - Scrolling Banners across the page can bring attention to a particular subject or notice related to your site with visual impact.

Print page - a simple click and the page prints to the printer of their choice.

Save as (browser) favorites - you want them to come back again later, right?

Link attributes - different font color and font style attributes can be assigned to all site pages active links, mouse over link hover, and previously visited links.

Close window - especially handy for the separate popup windows.

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