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 Evaluate your online goals                   

What's your internet purpose?  What target group are you aiming for? Is your site meant to provide information, gather customers, direct traffic to another site?  All questions we must ask to help you achieve your online goals.

Online goals Information sites are just that -- full of information.  Contact information should also be included but primarily you're offering a product or service and you're trying to get the word out.
Online goals Attracting customers, building an advertising list, or promoting your service to a particular target group.  These are all reasons the style and overall feel of your web-site might need to be a little more unique.
Online goals Building a simple site to direct potential customers to another site, may be your ultimate goal.   Perhaps a 'pay per click' type of site.  There are particular guidelines helpful for this type of endeavor, too.
Online goals Finding your business.  Not having a web-site could be a liability.  It may eliminate your business when people are searching the internet.  You need a site if only to have your business name and contact information available when potential customers browse.
Online goals

Start small and grow.  Maybe you're not ready for a large, interactive site just yet.  Starting small and building with your business could be your solution.

Online goals Today's Yellow pages.  Many cities wround the country are reconsidering the costs to print and to our environment to produce Yellow page directories every year.  The internet is today's yellow pages.  Don't miss out.
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