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 Monitor site information                         

As important as getting your site up and going, you should also monitor activity, check for broken links from other sites, and change content based on activity.  Small changes may help your overall standing with the popular Search Engines.   

Search Engine crawlers are always on the move and gathering information.  Re-evaluating your site activity periodically will benefit your business in the long run.  We offer continued monitor service and reporting as part of the complete package.

Monitor site information Utilizing Google® and Bing® web tools is a great place to start.  The information retrieved is invaluable and should be checked at least once a week.  Statistics such as the top search queries, links to your site and from where, crawl errors, broken links, and more.
Monitor site information Create site re-direct pages for links from other sites.  Many people link from their site to yours and save that link as a bookmark.  Once you change that link page name, the link is broken.
Monitor site information Keep your site updated.  Leaving old, unchanged pages for long periods of times affects your ranking with search engines.  Keeping information up to date is essential.
Monitor site information Document your site for your internal records.  You need to know the details of your site, even if you didn't actually create it.  A complete layout is always available.
Monitor site information Backup your site files for reference and "just in case."  You never need a backup as much as when you don't have one!
Monitor site information See search words used most often.  Perhaps re-evaluate your keyword choices and adjust accordingly.  How people find you and how many visitors you have is important information.
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