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Your Internet Insight Newsletter - July 2009

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July 2009 Eliminate Fail  from your vocabulary to be successful 
  If you've ever wondered how some people succeed at whatever they seem to do while others just don't have what it takes? There are some basic concepts found in the word itself to keep in mind. Keep reading to help you be one of the successful ones and eliminate the word Fail from your vocabulary.
  Focus - If you try to multi-task too much, it's possible nothing is done with the complete quality intended. Try to watch a good movie, talk to friends, cook dinner, and help the kids with homework. The movie might be great but you miss important details and may lose interest. Friends notice you're not completely there. Dinner? well, you get the point.
  Action - or the lack thereof. You may have great dreams of success but if you don't take the action necessary, those dreams stay dreams and never become the reality. Sure, it might be hard to take that first step but if you want success, you have to take action.
  Ideas - Particularly with a new business, ideas and outside input are vital. Ideas keep your success going, give you a fresh approach. There are some great resources for ideas in today's world and you're reading one right now.
  Long term - You need to be committed, in it for the long term. Give your success a chance. Regardless of your aim... a new invention, business, personal goal, or life change, you must have the long term commitment to give them a chance for success.
July 2009What are Site Maps and are they really important?
The experts agree when it comes to Site Maps ... Keep it Simple. The main purpose of a Site Map is to provide a list of, and ability to link to, all (or most) of your web pages. They provide a simple, quick, and easy solution for finding a page or subject for even the novice visitor.

There are a couple of different types or styles of Site Maps but most agree the Unordered list (ul) is the most common. Then List items (li) are added as needed. In addition, you can use a nice visual feature of adding a bullet type switch (ul type="square").

Easy does it. Many web design software apps (XSitePro) include an automatic site map creation feature. Keep in mind the different types for visitors and to submit to the different search engines. Take advantage if you can. If you're doing your own coding, visit any of the Additional Resources for more information.

Additional Resources:  For detail coding instructions and links to some Site Mapping software, visit the below links:

July 2009XSitePro2 Tips & Tricks - Search and Replace
It seemed like the right choice at the time but later...you decide differently. There are two ways to resolve this quickly -- 1) search and replace on an individual page and 2) search and replace the entire site design.
  • 1) Within the Design Tab of the page to search, click on the Binoculars, then Replace Tab.
  • 2) To search and replace the entire site design, go to the Main Menu >> Tools > Find and Replace on All Pages.
Search & Replace
July 2009Flashy Intros - Do's and Don'ts for flashy web intros
  1.  Make it optional and have an easy escape "Skip" (or "Skip Intro") button. Some visitors don't want to see the flashy stuff even though it might be great stuff. And some also have low bandwidth net connections and may loose patience.
  2.  Also provide static HTML links to the important pages of the web site. Then if the visitor chooses not to wait, there is a place to go that's still on your site. (It also helps the engine bots index those other pages!)
  3.  If the Intro is more than 50kb, make sure you put a "Loading" message in the mix. Especially helpful if your intro doesn't display anything until it is fully loaded. Let the visitor know what's happening.
  4.  Consider placing web-site keywords in the META tags and also as plain text below the intro. Search engine bots are quite advanced these days and you need to get their attention.
  5.  Most everyone considered a "net surfer" has the necessary utilities for viewing exotic intros but not everyone visiting your site may have the latest and greatest. There is no harm in also setting up a link to the software maker plug-in download.

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