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The small business answer to BIG website design


 Advanced Features                               

In addition to the standard web-site features common for small businesses, we offer more advanced features as needed (not included in the standard package).  As an example, you may want to:  

Advanced features Insert a Banner Rotator so that each time your site is viewed, a new banner graphic is displayed to your potential customer.
Advanced features Add an Image Gallery to display a group of thumbnail images where the same image is enlarged when clicked.
Advanced features Include a MouseOver image swap between two different images such as the same image far away and close up or completely different pictures.
Advanced features Create Thumbnail images, automatically.
Advanced features Add a News Scroller for news, information, or headlines to loop in a given page area.
Advanced features Google AdSense®, Amazon Links, Oxado Ad, Affiliate links, and more.
Advanced features Include video, audio, and/or RSS feeds to enhance the information provided by any web-site.
Advanced features Advertising - enables website publishers of all sizes to display targeted ads - such as affiliate links - alongside their online content and earn ad revenue.


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